Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Long term future of Apple Inc

AAPL - Primary count

So Apple Inc. has future! There are two counts and both say AAPL will hit a new high.. Dates are messed up on chart (Motive Wave still needs to fix things in their software) but I think it will happen on summer of the next year.

But short term outlook does not look so uptrend... Price targets $200 area. Of course it will not happen overnight and not in one big move, we have a strong chance to see flat correction in this wave 4 because of alternation rule.

AAPL - Alternative count
Alternative count suggests that intermediate wave 3 is not finished and there will be much lighter pull back rather than $200. Maximum of this pull back will be $310, and more realistic target will be $360. But in general it is less likely scenario because this huge volume on chart wants to say where real wave 3 is.

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